Global Warming/Climate Change RADICAL Opinion Update

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I have come to a realization recently. I’ve been going about the thinking of Anthropogenic Climate Change with completely invalid assumptions. I can no longer sit idly by and listen to the deniers of global warming spread their lies.

Climate Change is real, but it is not a result of human activity. Weather and climate come from space. The sun is in space. Practically all of our heating energy comes from this one source. The auroras are caused by solar wind interacting with Earth’s magnetic field in space. Our seasons are governed by the tilt of Earth with respect to its orbit in space. The orbit of the moon also affects climate in untold ways. Global Climate Change is from space!

I now imagine many of you marshaling your arguments: “But CO2!”; “But, the industrial age!”; “But, the Hockey Stick!”; “But Al Gore!” Rest assured there is sufficient evidence from the deniers that disproves most if not all of the claims of these scientific charlatans and hucksters. But the deniers have failed to recognize that the threat is real and that theirs is the most dangerous position. Global temperatures are rising. And the cause can be found in space, much closer than you (or they) might think.

I have discovered that there is a celestial body orbiting the sun in an eccentric orbit between Earth and Mars. This body’s orbit has not been synchronized with either of its neighbors, but it occasionally interacts with one or the other as their relative positions change. This celestial body has been interacting with the Earth, reaching perihelion just ahead of the Earth  in its own orbit some 20 years or so in the past. A bizarre quirk of orbital mechanics has left the Earth and this other body locked together as the Earth slowly passes it. Until the distance between them will once again release this other body into its typical trajectory back towards Mars.

The existence of this celestial body is not my own invention. Its existence was proposed over 60 years ago and has been the subject of furious debate ever since. I am just the second to suggest irrefutable evidence of its existence. Following the convention of naming such a body after the first two to discover it, I propose that it be designated “Russell-Huddleston-1.”

Now, clearly, in order to be responsible for the recent trend of global warming, this body must be extremely warm. And, as Russell first proposed, such an object would be quite hot, hot enough to boil water on its surface. It also seems to be roughly in the shape of a china teapot.

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