Life Changing Events That Went Unnoticed

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Back in 1983, an event took place that was to change my life forever. I would not know of this event for almost 30 years. I was not even in the same state. I would never meet those involved.
The event was the birth of a boy who would be named Joel Andrew Huddleston, a name he would share with me for over two decades without incident. We’ll get back to that in a minute. First I’d like to talk a little bit about the Internet.
I got a fairly early start online. I was a computer science major at a “World Class” University, Texas A&M in 1983. The University was well connected with others through this wacky nation-wide and even international network of computers that was still called the ARPAnet by many. Businesses were allowed on the net, but could not use it to advertise. The language of “The Web,” HTML, had not been invented yet. I built one of the first web sites at the university as I was a student worker for the college of engineering computing services department. Most of my fellow engineering students were working with the well established and commercially viable VAX/VMS cluster of computers. I worked with the less successful UNIX systems. These were to become the dominant players in the Internet. I was well connected with people all over the world through eclectic systems with names like usenet and E-mail.
After I graduated, I continued to maintain an online presence through regional dial-up ISPs and systems connected to the net for businesses. At some point, I registered the cyberzod.com domain and until recently, if you searched for my name at any of the major search engines, that was always the first link you saw. I never needed any SEO and never paid a service to bump my search rank as I was the only Joel Andrew Huddleston with a significant online presence.
Getting back to that other Joel Huddleston, the one that was born while I was still in College. He would grow up in Florida. He would graduate high school. He would graduate college and teach social studies at Yearling Middle School. He would become a youth pastor at Buckhead Ridge Christian Church in Okeechobee County, Florida. He would marry a young woman. She would find him in their home, in their bedroom, in their bed with a naked 12 year old girl from his school.
You know, you can pay for all the page rankings you want, but you will never out rank a lewd and lascivious pervert and child molester.

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